CAS 554-12-1 Methyl propionate

  • Properties

  • Synonyms

Propanoic acid methyl

  • Molecular Formula


  • Molecular Weight


  • Melting Point

-88 °C (lit.)

  • Boiling Point

79 °C (lit.)

  • Density

0.915 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)

  • Assay


  • Grade

Pharmaceutical Grade

  • Appearance

Clear Colorless Liquid

  • Storage

Store below +30°C.

  • Usage

Methyl propionate is an organic compound belonging to the family of carboxylic acid esters, which is commonly applied as a solvent for cellulose nitrate and lacquers. It also serves as a raw material in organic synthesis for manufacturing paints, varnishes and other chemical productions such as methyl methacrylate. Besides, the fruity smell and taste of methyl propanoate results in its usage of fragrances and flavoring agents.

Methyl propanoate can be synthesized by esterifying propionic acid with methanol. In the field of industry, it is produced by the reaction of ethylene with carbon monoxide and methanol in the presence of nickel carbonyl.

CAS 554-12-1 Methyl propionate

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